The Simple Trick to Building Better IT Teams

Building better information technology (IT) teams takes time and planning. Without these skilled pros, the organization will struggle with managing technology and information security, therefore selection of candidates who will stay for the long term should be the focus. A good approach to attracting, hiring, and retaining top IT employees to build strong teams is to hire for culture fit.

Corporate culture fit is determined by how well IT candidates blend in with current IT team members. From skill levels to personalities, much depends on each individual. A strong IT team will be made up of professionals who work well together, have complimentary skills, and are challenged in their jobs.

Culture fit hiring seems to be the simple trick to building better IT teams for many workplaces. But, how can an organization ensure this will work out well?

Review IT candidate resumes carefully

To find out if an IT candidate may make a good future hire for your team, review their resume carefully for signs of this person’s background and skill sets. Look for skills that mesh well with your current team, but also add value. Watch for job hoppers and those who have not progressed in a career.

Evaluate every IT candidate’s skills and personality

Never take a candidate’s word for it in the recruitment phase. Instead, make sure you assess the skills and the personality of each IT candidate to make sure they will be a good fit for your company. During interviews, see how well they relate to your management team and to others they meet when they are introduced to key members of your team.

Get employee referrals for IT hires

A good way to ensure a candidate is a good bet for your team is to ask your current employees to refer their colleagues and friends to your organization for career opportunities. This can often result in candidates who are already familiar with your company and have friends there, so they will fit right in from the start.

Hire IT pros on a temporary basis first

If you are unsure of a candidate’s suitability at first, you may want to bring them on as a contractor or temporary employee so they can prove themselves. Use a 30 to 90 day contract and place them on a project that fits theses terms. At the end, if they add value to your team, hire them as a permanent employee.


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