Hiring in Finance: Can You Go It Alone?

Hiring is such an important piece of a company’s puzzle that it really should not be done alone. The fact of the matter is that companies are not experts in hiring employees, either full-time or temporary, unless they are in the staffing business. This is where staffing firms come into play. Companies should never put all of their eggs in one basket and rely on their employees to uncover top talent each time a hiring decision is made. When it comes to the finance industry, never hire alone and always seek help.

Hiring Must be Done Accurately

An important note about hiring is that it must be done accurately. You cannot blindly hire whomever comes in for an interview and hope that they pan out over the span of five, 10, 15 or 20 years. Accuracy also comes into play when looking at what type of jobs must be filled and who is available to fill them. Accurate hiring means your company is interviewing the right candidates, is vetting them properly, is ensuring they fit into your culture and then training them properly once hired.

Hiring Must be Done with Precision

When making a new hire at your company in the finance industry, you must do so with precision. You need to go through everything with a fine-tooth comb. Check the candidate’s references, perform a background check, ensure their employment history is correct and sift through the resume/cover letter combination for any possible lies.

Hiring Must be Done Quickly

Hiring must also be done with speed. The longer your hiring process takes, the more difficult it will be to attract and retain top talent. Candidates who have interviewed for your open job two months ago will likely lose interest and might have even been offered employment elsewhere. Your process, from the submission of the application to the job offer, must be very quick. We are not talking about within days, but at least within a few weeks.

Staffing Agencies Boost Efforts

Staffing agencies make it easier to hire new employees accurately, precisely and quickly. They have a pool of candidates at the ready for anything you need in finance. This means that if a job opens up at your company unexpectedly (firing, illness, injury, resignation) it can be filled almost immediately because of the talent pool the staffing firm has already assembled.

As you can see, it can be difficult to conduct hiring on your own as a company, even if you have a top-notch human resources department. The more help you get, the easier and more successful the process becomes. Reach out to Venteon Financial Staffing for support with recruiting in the competitive financial markets.


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