Should You Invite Candidates to Interview Through Email?

In the war for talent, many recruiters turn to technology to speed up their efficiency. One of the most popular ways to connect with candidates is via email. In a matter of seconds, hundreds of candidates can be notified of new job openings or to schedule a phone pre-screen call. But should a professional recruiter lean on email to invite candidates to interview? Let’s examine the pros and cons of using email, with some guidelines for getting this right.

Pros of using email for candidate invites

There are a number of advantages to using email to connect with candidates and invite them to come in for an interview, including:

  • Simple and convenient method of communicating across multiple email programs and mobile devices
  • Can include relevant company information in an email (such as the job description, directions, etc.)
  • May send out a set of emails at once to the most qualified candidates for group interviews
  • Emails can be tracked to see if candidates have read them and if they respond to interview requests

Cons of using emails for inviting candidates to interviews

There are also a few potential negatives to using email to get in touch with candidates to line up interview, including:

  • They can seem automated, cold and impersonal to recipients
  • Emails can end up the spam folders of candidates, so they never get them in time
  • The email can create barriers for candidates with disabilities (such as blindness)

As you may notice, there are a few pitfalls of using email, but as a whole, this can be a good way to get in contact with candidates to invite them in for a personal email. Some simple guidelines for sending emails out to candidates can be:

1. Use an eye-catching email subject line

In order to get candidates to open the email immediately, you will want to use a powerful subject line to grab their attention. Use a branded approach and write something like: “We want to hire creative nerds like us” or “Open this email if you are ready for your next great adventure!”

2. Send the email out at least a week in advance

To give candidates enough time to respond for the interview date, be sure to send the email out in advance. Allow the candidate to choose from a few alternate dates and times for the best results. You can include a link to a central calendar for booking the interview to make it more efficient.

3. Provide enough information in the confirmation email for the candidate

The email should include the job title and a brief description, the date and time for the interview, driving and parking instructions, what to bring, who the candidate will be meeting with, the estimated time for the interview process, and any pertinent information for the candidate to be prepared.

Here are some helpful tips for formatting a candidate email you may find helpful. And if you need more assistance, contact the experts at Venteon today! We are always available to help with your career needs.


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