The Secret Rule to Hiring the Best Financial Candidates

The financial market has become candidate driven, and this means the competition for the best financial candidates is tougher than ever before. It can take longer than usual to find the right financial candidates, particularly because you don’t want to hire just anyone for this important role. You need people who have the proven skills, knowledge, and personality to handle the challenges of this complex job. Therefore, it helps to know the secret rule to finding the best financial candidate.

What’s the secret rule for hiring the best financial candidate?

Partner with a financial staffing agency. That’s right. Why go it alone and take chances that could spell disaster? A staffing agency has years of experience with sourcing, screening, evaluating, and placing high-quality financial candidates with companies like yours. It takes the guesswork, the time and the hassle out of finding great people. The other benefits of working with a financial staffing agency include:

  • The staffing agency has a track record for placing financial candidates in multiple types of positions
  • The staffing agency already has done the upfront work for you in finding the best financial candidates
  • The staffing agency has a wide number of resources for making sure candidates are a good culture fit
  • The staffing agency can handle all areas of recruitment from assessments to payroll and benefits
  • The staffing agency can arrange for a replacement if you are not happy with the candidate

These are just a few of the benefits of working with a financial staffing agency when searching for the right candidate. Some of the ways you can make this process a smooth one so that you get the maximum ROI from this relationship can be:

Making sure you have a detailed and clear job description for every financial role you want to hire for. This is a must for all financial recruitment efforts because it helps the staffing agency select the right candidate for every role. Each job can be so specific to certain areas, with different requirements, so be sure to include this information as you work with each recruiter.

Create a profile of the ideal financial candidate for your culture. To help your staffing agency find the right financial candidate for your business, you will want to provide them with as much information as possible. This includes a detailed profile of your ideal employee. Base this on past good hires, combined with the personality and skills you know will fit in well with existing teams.

Have a plan for onboarding your new hire. Your staffing agency can support your goals of placing the best financial candidate if you can make this a smooth transition. Create a temporary financial employee training and orientation plan that onboards the new hire. Assign a mentor employee to help the new hire get acclimated.


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