Do Your Engineers Come Through Inbound Recruiting?

Companies that need to hire engineers do so using a variety of different methods. Those methods include normal job postings, partnering with staffing firms, employee referrals, and headhunting. But, there is another option out there that companies should be taking advantage of today; inbound recruiting. This hiring method will make it easier for your company to regain its competitive edge in hiring within the industry.

Inbound Recruiting Drives Consideration

You might have the attention of engineer job candidates, but who is to say that they will actually hit the “Apply” button on the careers page of your company website? The thing is, there is no guarantee that they will apply. Because of this, you should use inbound recruiting, as it drives consideration for your open engineer jobs.

The strategies employed with inbound recruiting prevent you from taking advantage of your candidates’ time. You can drive consideration by having members of the company write blog posts about culture, be engaging on social media accounts and create content that proves why candidates should choose the company.

Inbound Recruiting Helps to Create Awareness

When companies utilize inbound recruiting to find engineers, they are able to attract candidates to their social media accounts and their website. Companies do this by creating valuable content that the candidates also find relevant to themselves. If your company needs to find talented engineers for open jobs, consider creating content that will be relevant to candidates by researching what they are searching for online. When this happens, candidates will find your company and hopefully view it as a valuable resource even if they are not searching for a job at the moment.

Inbound Recruiting Makes a Candidate’s Decision Easier

A third advantage of using inbound recruiting to find engineers for your company’s open jobs is that it makes a candidate’s decision easier. By reading your relevant content, the candidate will be able to determine if you are a viable employer. Once this stage is reached, the candidate will then be able to decide if they would want to work for your company.

This part of the process is very important because the company must create a very positive experience for the candidate when it comes to applying and interviewing for the job. The candidate might not apply for the open jobs right away, but could do so in the future because you helped guide them through the job search process. Perception is major at this point in the process for the company, because it wants to be viewed as a viable employer.

Inbound recruiting to find engineers for open jobs is an effective method of finding the right candidates. The next time your company is ready to hire, be sure to use inbound recruiting.


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