Looking to Enter the Tech Workforce after Graduation? Here are Some Tips!

If you are on the hunt for a job in the rapidly expanding technology market following graduation, you are not alone. Experts estimate that in 2015, technology and related careers will produce the highest number of college graduates all focused on getting hired with the nation’s leading companies.

According to an article in Fortune magazine, “the best graduate degrees are in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, with median, mid-career salaries topping at $131,700.” Says Katie Bardaro, the Director of Analytics and Lead Economist at PayScale, “The top of the list has consistently been dominated by STEM degrees, especially statistics and computer science in the last five years.”

4 Tips for Getting a Job in Tech Following Graduation

Ready to enter the technology workforce after graduation? Read on to get some great tips from Venteon Technology, a leading staffing agency in Troy, Michigan.

1. Put together an outstanding cover letter and resume

The way you present yourself to potential hiring companies in the tech world matters. Therefore, you need to develop a professional cover letter and resume that reflects your best skills, your education, and your work and internship history. Work with a qualified resume writer or career coach to accomplish this.

2. Establish your personal brand

As early as you can in your new career, take the time to recognize what makes you stand out as a job seeker from your peers. It could be a special interest you have in the industry, a project you’ve completed, and voluntary service you’ve done – for example. Use this to create a brand around yourself, which will be present on your social networking accounts.

3. Get networking and noticed

Getting a job in tech can be just as difficult as any other career path, but one thing that really works well is connecting with others at the companies you want to work for. Use LinkedIn and career associations to do this. Stand out with active participation in forums for your area of interest in tech. Ask current employees to refer you to their companies, once you get to know them.

4. Develop a strong portfolio of work

Your job in technology may just be starting, but this is the best time to start working on contract jobs and freelance projects to build a strong portfolio. This can help you land bigger and better assignments in tech. Go after the work that’s out there and see where it leads you.

Keep focusing on your career and stay active with temporary assignments and internships to become visible to the best employers in tech.


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