You Can Close the Tech Skills Gap — For Good!

For years, recruiters have been struggling to find the top technology talent, particularly in the software markets where growth has been high. There have been multiple theories as to how to close the skill gaps in the technology sector, from partnering with colleges and universities to building large candidate pools filled with tech talent.

Here we will look at some of the ways your organization can support the cause for greater access to skilled technology employees in the near future.

Create more attractive technology educational programs for candidates

Many of the best technology jobs are for those with four-year degrees in computer science, which virtually leaves out all of the folks who are earning two-year college degrees, but are equally talented. Why not open up the job market to those who are headed in the right direction with technology education that’s more attractive? Programs can be part of an overall partnership between companies and colleges, with internships that place high achieving candidates into jobs sooner.

Retrain the lost workforce to handle the challenges of the tech market

Since the recessionary period of 2007-2011, there have been thousands of good people displaced by company shutdowns and restructures. This has left a large candidate pool of folks of all generations who are eager to learn new skills so they can land good careers again. Why not open up programs that take career-changers in and teach them job-specific skills? This would help companies to fill many entry to mid-level positions, while supporting the local economy in a big way.

Make succession planning a regular part of technology recruitment

Many companies face shortages of technology skills because they are not developing their current employees effectively. It costs 20 percent less to train in-house employees for better positions than to recruit new candidates. Succession planning should be an effort made to develop in-house employees while bringing in entry level employees to transfer this knowledge too on an ongoing basis.

Augment tech gaps with independent contractors and temps

Closing tech gaps is made easier by companies that bring in at least 25 percent of their workforce through indene pent contractors and temporary employees who have specialized skills. These folks can work on short and long term projects, giving more flexibility with project management and fluctuations in the industry. It’s also more cost efficient, because temps and contractors do not require the management of taxes and benefits.

By using the above methods, your company can help close the tech talent gaps that exist, while maintaining an actively growing business.


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