Are You on the Wrong Career Path? Here’s How to Turn Yourself Around!

Ever get the feeling you are walking down a career path that’s headed nowhere fast? Many working people feel this way at one point or another. This can happen for a number of reasons. You may have started out in a great career, but then one day the industry changed and turned into something you no longer like. You may have found something else you are more passionate about. Or maybe your work skills have become obsolete, and you are stuck in a dead-end job.

Whatever the case may be, right now you feel like taking the next exit off this crazy highway. The good news is that anyone can get back on the right career path by taking a few steps now.

1. Work with what you have now

You may not be in the ideal job now, but there are bound to be some redeeming qualities you can find to focus on (instead of your misery). Maybe it’s a certain task you enjoy doing, a client you like working with, or some of the perks of your job. Make the most of what you have now and it will make it easier for you until you have found the right career.

2. Don’t quit without a plan

No matter how frustrated you may feel right now, it’s never a good idea to quit (or get fired from) your current job until you have a career lined up. Put away some extra money in your savings account, and try to do your best to deal with the job you have now until you have identified what it is your heart desires. You’ll be glad you made a plan first.

3. Get the training you need

In many cases, to jump into another career means needing to refresh your skills in some area. Take a night class or find an online certification or degree program now. Use this to learn new skills, software, and even to take on a few projects to improve your abilities. Leverage the industry knowledge you already have, plus your newfound skills, to find a better career path.

4. Find a career coach or mentor

Now is also a good time to identify a career mentor and a career coach to help guide you through the next steps in your career journey. Tap into this knowledge and the connections you need to get ahead in your new career. You can find career coaches and mentors on social networks and through industry associations.

5. Connect with a staffing agency

Ready to take the leap? Get registered with a staffing agency in your area of interest so you can “try before you buy” a new career path. Temp assignments give you a chance to get your feet wet and see if you truly want to go in a particular direction, while you are still earning a paycheck. You may be able to work in a part time role around your present job until you are sure about the next move.

By taking the above steps, you will be able to move in the right direction in your career, and get off the road to nowhere.


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