How to Sell a Position in a Job Interview

Interviewing a candidate and having them get excited about a potential job should be relatively simple, right? Not so much. The job market is candidate-driven right now, and this means sometimes you have to go out of your way as a recruiter to “sell” a position to a potential candidate during interviews. This means communicating a strong sales pitch to the candidate without sounding too desperate in the process. If you want a great candidate for your company (or the client you are working with) then you need to be able to do this well. It takes a little practice, but the results are worth the effort.

Here are steps on selling a job to a candidate of your choice, without appearing to be too eager.

Step 1. Make the candidate feel special

It’s been said that, “flattery will get you everything” and this may be true to some extent. Your job as a recruiter is to impress the candidate enough that they want to learn more about the position and the company. Do this by complimenting the candidate on their skills, experiences, and accomplishments as they present on a resume. Then let the candidate know you think they have that “special spark” that you don’t see very often in the candidates you meet. Probe a little, and find out what the candidate is really looking for in terms of compensation, career growth, and a company. (Hint: You will return to this later in the conversation!)

Step 2. Connect the candidate’s goals with the company’s

Once you have the candidate’s attention in a positive way, it’s time to connect the dots between what the candidate is trying to achieve in a career and what the company is about. Share the company’s vision and mission statement with the candidate, in a brief way. Talk about some of the great things that the company has achieved in a short period of time. Talk about the ways in which the candidate’s background is perfect for the position being offered.

Step 3. Sell the big package to the candidate

Now comes the time to seal the deal with the candidate. You have a pretty good idea what the candidate is looking for. You know the general compensation range, the career goals, the ideal type of company that the candidate is looking for, and the direction that the candidate wants to go. Now it’s time to sell the big package to the candidate. Let the candidate know that you are creating something specifically for them, based on the unique skills and career background there. Go over and beyond what you think the candidate wants.

By following the above tips, there’s a good chance that the candidate will say “Yes!” to your job offer. If not, go back to step 1 and get more information from the candidate on what it will take to get them on board.


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