How to Successfully Onboard Finance Employees

Onboarding new finance employees is a process that should be taken seriously and done as in-depth as possible, so the new employees do not have too many questions. The stronger your onboarding process is, the easier it will be for the new finance employees to adjust to their new jobs. You can never make the assumption that what you told the employee during the job interview is all they wanted to know. Follow the tips outlined here to successfully onboard finance employees.

Publicize New Hires to Entire Company

Your company needs to make a good first impression on the finance employee’s first day on the job. This begins with publicizing the hire of the new employee to the entire company using an email blast. This helps all in the company know to look for a new employee on the designated start date. All employees and management know that someone new will be in the office, and they should welcome them with a smile and a handshake. This makes it easier for the new employee to meet their co-workers.

Schedule Training Sessions

Another tip for onboarding finance employees is to schedule training sessions for their first week on the job. These training sessions are important, so the employee can learn the software used by the company, the policies in place and much more about the company. Training sessions will also be used to have the employee ask questions, sign documents and voice any concerns about their office.

Check-In Often

As an HR manager, make sure you check-in with the new finance employee as often as possible to ensure that they are doing well. You can check-in by calling their office phone, sending an email or popping by their office. Simply ask them if they need help with anything, if they are adjusting well and if they would like clarification on anything. These three questions will help you make life easier on the new hire.

Have a Meeting First Thing in the Morning

On the finance employee’s first day, schedule a meeting with them for first thing in the morning. This should happen prior to the employee being taken to their office. Have them sign all their HR paperwork at the meeting, and explain company policies and more. Make sure their office is set up, including all of their technology, so they can test it out with you present on their first day.

Onboarding new finance employees is very important to the company and the employees. If you provide them with plenty of information, answer their questions, and make them feel welcome, then they should have no trouble assimilating to your culture.

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