The Secret to Answering “Why Did You Leave Your Last Engineering Job?”

For the engineering candidate, one of the most difficult questions to answer during a job interview is, “Why did you leave your last engineering job?” When this question is posed during a job interview, the candidate will often become stressed and worried. This question will undoubtedly put the candidate on the spot, but it should not harm their chances at remaining in the running for the job.

Learn how to answer this question with tactfulness and get selected for an engineering job in your area of expertise.

Always Offer an Honest Answer

Make sure that your answer is always honest when presented with this difficult question. Remember that the employer will check with your references, perform a background check and even talk with your former supervisor. The answer to this question needs to show the company that you are not a flake and just like to hop around from job to job. But, if you have been let go, you need to tell the interviewer this so they don’t find it out elsewhere. Being let go will worry you, but chalk it up to a learning experience.

Offer a Short Answer

Do your best to answer the question in as few words as possible. The longer your answer, the likelier it is that you will begin to fabricate what you tell the employer. Also, a longer answer might make it seem like you are fishing for things to talk about because you want to hide the true reason as to why you left your last engineering job. A long answer could also lead to you talking inappropriately about former co-workers and former supervisors.

Give a Positive Answer

The answer you give the interviewer to this question should also be a positive one, no matter the reason why you left your previous engineering job. Avoid painting yourself as a victim at all costs, even if you were unfairly let go or if you were treated poorly at your last job. There is nothing wrong with saying a job was not the right fit for you, but be sure you have concrete evidence to offer the interviewer that backs up this claim.

Express Interest in New Career

As with any question posed during an interview, you need to express interest in the new job as much as possible. Even when you are asked “why did you leave your last engineering job,” you should still conclude your answer with how interested you are in the new job. Talk about duties of the new job that interest you the most and why you can handle those duties.

When asked, “why did you leave your last engineering job,” you need to be honest with the interviewer so you do not hurt your chances of employment. But, keep it positive and proactive at the same time. References and former employment will be checked. So, be sure you offer a straightforward answer.

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