Why Use a Staffing Agency for Engineering Hires?

An increasingly popular college major today is that of engineering. This means that there will be plenty of engineering graduates flooding the job market in the coming years. This is both a blessing and a curse for companies looking to hire engineers. Not all of them will be qualified for open jobs, while others will be perfect candidates for some open jobs. The best way to make the hiring of an engineer simpler is to work with a staffing agency to bring in the right candidate for the job.

Test the Candidates

One of the most important reasons for using a staffing agency for engineering hires is that the company will be able to test the candidates prior to extending an offer of full-time employment. You can bring in the candidates for a three-month, six-month or custom contract and watch them on the job. You do not even have to tell them that they are being considered for a full-time job. That way, you are seeing how they work and who they are as a person and not an act because they know a full-time job is at stake.

Reduce Hiring Costs

Another advantage of working with a staffing agency when hiring an engineer is that your company will be able to reduce hiring costs. Your HR department can focus on issues within the company instead of spending time looking for new employees. A representative from the staffing agency will come to your company, take a tour, talk with management and get a feel for the company needs when it comes to engineers. They will then use all they learned about the company to find, screen, interview and place engineers when your company requires them.

Save Time

An added benefit of working with a staffing agency for engineering hires is that your company will be able to save time. If an engineering job opens up out of the blue, maybe due to an illness or an employee leaving, the company can fill it almost immediately with an engineer provided by a staffing agency. Staffing agencies are always one step ahead of the game, vetting candidates in advance of companies needing them. This means that the agency will have a list at the ready and can send someone over at a moment’s notice.

Increase Productivity

Does your company need to see a boost in productivity? If so, a staffing agency can help with this goal. Even if you need to bring in an engineer on a temporary basis, he or she will be able to help with an overload of work so your full-time employees are not stuck working overtime. The temporary engineers will also be able to meet deadlines and perform quality work you are accustomed to receiving from your regular staff.
As you can see, working with a staffing agency for engineering hires comes with quite a few benefits. Contact Venteon Staffing today to begin the process.

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