The Key to Attracting Entry-Level Engineers

Does your company need to attract more entry-level engineers for open jobs? If so, you might run into a couple of problems that can be corrected by almost any company. Entry-level employees can be difficult to attract due to the fact that they are likely from the millennial generation and will be working for managers from the baby boomer generation, which can be a large gap in how operations are handled. Below, we will discuss the key to attracting entry-level engineers at your company.

Update the Office Environment to Appeal to Engineers

When it comes to attracting entry-level engineers to your company, you must take into account that entry-level employees do not want to work in cubicle farms. This office setting was popular in the 1980s and 1990s, but should be done away with as soon as possible now. Open floor plans are a great way to attract entry-level engineers, who want to be able to speak with their co-workers without having to climb over a cubicle wall or walk down the hall because of the dividers in place.

Learn How to Speak Online Language of Engineers

Another great way to attract entry-level engineers to your company is by learning how to speak their online language. The generation of millennials is the first one to be entirely connected to technology. They have spent their entire lives online and do not know what it is like to be without the internet. Update your company website, including the careers page, in order to catch the eyes of potential engineering candidates. The website should be easy-to-use and should convert to a mobile platform so millennial candidates can find it on smartphones and tablets.

Change How Employees Can Work

Our third method to attracting entry-level engineers to your company is to change how employees can work. With all of the technology available today, millennial workers do not view work in the traditional sense of in an office from nine-to-five each weekday. Instead, they want their employers to be flexible in how and where work can be completed. An excellent way to make this happen is by offering flexible work schedules for your employees. They can be allowed to come to work early and leave early, come to work late and leave late, or work longer hours from Monday through Thursday in order to have Friday off.

The engineering industry is one of the most competitive within the job market today, especially when it comes to adding entry-level engineers to your employee ranks. If your company is finding it difficult to bring in the best new talent, consider making one or more of the changes outlined above to improve your chances.

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