What Engineering Candidates are Looking For in 2015

We are already knee-deep into the New Year, and engineering candidates are looking forward to some new perks and benefits from their employers. From being treated fairly at work to receiving paid time off, engineering candidates are looking for all kinds of benefits and perks in 2015 so that they can properly balance their work and personal lives.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits and compensation that engineering candidates are looking for this year, so you can attract the best to your projects.

Freedom to Work on Their Own

Engineering candidates do not want to be micromanaged in all they do. There is nothing wrong with a manager lending a helping hand every now and then, but he or she should never hover over the employee on a constant basis. Employees do not mind when a manager helps when asked for it or when they do not know how to ask for help, but desperately need it. Other than that, the manager should stay clear of micromanaging employees.

A Little More Job Security

Employees know that there is no such thing as lifetime employment, but engineering candidates would love to have a little bit of job security in 2015. It is very difficult for employees to be productive and successful on the job when there is always a dark cloud hanging over their heads regarding the security of their job.

Flexible Scheduling

Flexible scheduling has become very important over the past handful of years in almost every single industry. This is especially true for engineering candidates. They want to be able to enjoy their personal lives as much as possible and this can only happen if they are not expected to work 50 or more hours per week.

Strong Health Insurance

More and more companies are offering to pay their employees’ health insurance plans in full this year. Because of this, prospective employees are looking for companies that offer such a benefit as part of their benefit plan. Engineering candidates want to know that they are covered if they come down with the flu, are injured in a car accident or need to take their child to the doctor for stitches.

Organizational Transparency

Transparency is very important these days. Employees, including engineers, want to know what is happening at their company. They want to know how well the company is doing, or if it is struggling to keep its head above water. When employees are in the know, they will be better positioned to perform their job successfully.

Ongoing Professional Development 

Engineering candidates want the chance to further their education in 2015 and they want their employers to foot the bill. Think about it; employees who further their education will only make your company better because they can apply all of their new skills to their daily job tasks.

Engineering candidates are looking for a lot in 2015 when it comes to benefits and perks at work. Consider offering one or more mentioned above to secure some of the top talent in your industry. Talk with the recruiting pros at Venteon Technical Staffing in Michigan for access to top performance engineers across multiple industries.

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