Remote Workers are Happy Workers

Who are some of the happiest workers in today’s market? Yep, you guessed correctly … it’s remote workers! Wouldn’t you be happy if you could work your regular, full-time job from any location in the country? It allows you the opportunity to work your own hours, work wherever you would like and not have to deal with management breathing down your neck.

Read on as we discuss some of the bigger reasons why remote workers are happy workers.

Remote Workers are Healthier

According to a study from ConnectSolutions, remote workers feel they are healthier than when they work in an office setting. In the survey, 45 percent of respondents said that they eat healthier when they work from home. On top of that, 40 percent of them said they get more sleep and 33 percent said they exercise more than when working in an office.

They Save Money

Aside from being healthier when working remotely, workers have also said that they save more money when working from home. The study from Connect Solutions said that they save an average of $4,500 per year due to the lack of a commute. With no commute, the workers do not have to pay for gas, tolls, public transportation, car insurance or other automotive costs.

Satisfaction When Working Remotely

A study from Gallup found that remote workers are happy when working from home. A couple of reasons for this include the ability to sleep in slightly later, wear whatever they want during the day, and not have to get dressed up for meetings when they take place over the phone. Their day is much more relaxed, which can be the perfect situation for some workers to be more productive.

Employee Engagement is High

The Gallup survey also found that engagement is higher for employees who work remotely than those who do not. When employees do not work remotely, the study found that 52 percent of them are not engaged while at work. Employees who work remotely all the time are found to be engaged at 30 percent of the time and not engaged at 47 percent of the time.

Lack of Workplace Drama

Employees who are allowed to work remotely enjoy a much more relaxed lifestyle because they do not have to deal with any workplace drama. This includes fighting between co-workers, issues with management, office politics and much more. Even if they are employed by a company, and have to have phone meetings or Skype meetings, they are still disconnected from the office drama.

Better Peer Collaboration

The Connect Solutions study also found that 80 percent of remote workers feel they have better collaboration when working remotely, especially when there are strong lines of communication between the remote workers and the in-house staff members.

The bottom line here is that employees are happier and healthier when they work remotely. Consider allowing some of your employees the opportunity to work remotely a couple of days per week to increase productivity of your workforce. If you think you could benefit from this, or have any other staffing or job search related inquiries, contact Venteon today!

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