Why Confidence Matters for IT Job Seekers

It seems odd to think of Information Technology professionals as walking, talking examples of corporate swagger. Most are considered to be brilliant introverts who are hyper-focused in their own environments. But in reality, hiring the top IT candidates often means seeking out those who have both the technical and social confidence they need to remain on the top of the competition.

If you are an IT job seeker in Michigan or other competitive regions, it’s important to boost your confidence in order to be a more attractive pick by the best companies. Read on to learn how to get your ‘mo-jo’ as an IT candidate.

Why confidence matters in IT job seekers

There are several reasons why confidence matters for IT job seekers. Number one, the first impression you make on any recruiter is often critical to the overall success of your job search. If you have a confidence in your own abilities, this speaks volumes to recruiters. However, don’t go overboard — too much boasting comes off as arrogant and self-centered. Demonstrate your value through the projects you’ve worked on, a friendly demeanor, plenty of eye contact, and a good sense of humor.

Try these tips for demonstrating confidence as an IT job seeker: 

  • Create a well-written cover letter and resume that reflects your personality
  • Dress for success, look sharp and use proper grooming and personal hygiene
  • Arrive to any interview at least 10 minutes before the scheduled time, and with a smile
  • Bring your best portfolio with you to show what you can do and what you know

More ways and IT job seeker can build confidence

Confidence as an IT job seeker also conveys the message that you care about the work you do, and you can drive yourself to complete tasks on time. In other words, you are someone who the employer can count on to get the job done well to make them look great to their clients. If you give the impression that you have a foundation for organizing, prioritizing, and getting tasks done – you’re well on your way to increasing your confidence.

Being confident also means that you are someone who cares about keeping skills and knowledge up to date. This puts you ahead of candidates who have outdated skills or don’t put as much emphasis on this area of the IT industry. Make it part of your career to be a life long learner, taking IT related courses, accepting temporary IT assignments, and completing programs that give you access to credentials. Leverage this when applying to new jobs and during interviews.

When a hiring manager meets an IT professional who can speak well, makes and effort to be interesting and engaging, as well as having a solid understanding of the industry; this can help any candidate to stand out from others. It’s highly competitive in the IT market, despite certain skill shortages. Your goal is to get in front of the decision maker and then convincing them to give you a challenging and rewarding job.

So, get out there and do your best to be confident as an IT job seeker!

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