5 Financial Interview Blunders That Will Make Sure You NEVER Get the Job

Preparing for a job interview is a must today, especially if you want to nail the interview and receive an offer of employment. It is very common for people to make mistakes during a job interview. Here, we will discuss five financial interview blunders that will make sure you never get the job. Make sure you study these and avoid them as much as possible.

  1. Discussing Salary Too Soon
    One of the biggest financial interview blunders you can commit is discussing salary too soon. Even if you have been in the industry for 10 years, there is no reason to mention salary in the first, or even second, interview. You will give the impression that you are only concerned with receiving a paycheck at the end of each week and not concerned with bettering yourself or with helping the company succeed.
  2. Failing to Listen
    The second blunder you can make sure a financial job interview is failing to listen. Listening is important in all aspects of life today. The more you listen, the more likely it is that the questions you have will not need to be asked. When you fail to listen, and wind up asking questions that have already been answered, your interview will not lead to a job offer.
  3. Looking Sloppy
    When you attend a financial job interview, it is imperative that you show up well groomed, wearing business attire and not in ripped, wrinkled or stained clothing. When you come to an interview looking sloppy, you will likely not be offered the job. Companies want to see how well you present yourself because you will be representing the company to clients, customers and the public.
  4. Arriving Late
    Financial interview blunder number four on our list is arriving late to the interview. You need to arrive early for the interview, but no more than 15 minutes early. If you arrive on-time, you are late. If you have no way to avoid being late, call the interviewer so you can let them know what happened. If the circumstance is serious enough, the company should understand. If it is not, do not expect to have the interview rescheduled.
  5. Talking Negatively about a Former Boss
    The fifth financial interview blunder on our list is when you talk negatively about a former boss. When asked about your former employer, you do not have to speak glowingly, but you absolutely cannot gossip about them or speak negatively about them. If you speak badly about a former boss, chances are you will do the same if hired by the company for which you are interviewing right now.

If you can avoid the five financial interview blunders discussed above, you should have no trouble securing an offer of employment. Look for support for your career in finance by registering for work with Venteon, a finance staffing agency in Troy MI.

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