Should Your Company Hire Temporary Finance Workers in the Busy Season?

Temporary finance workers can help a company navigate the busy season each year. Companies that operate in the finance industry have long had to determine whether or not they should hire temporary finance workers during their busy season. There are some who would say no, this should not happen, but then there are some who say that this is an absolute must-do. We will discuss both sides of the argument below.

When is the Busy Finance Season?

You might be wondering when the busy season is for a financial company. For most, it will be right around tax time each year. Even if the company employs thousands of people, it might still be a good idea to bring in a handful of temporary finance workers to cut down on the workload for your regular, full-time staff members.

Pros for Hiring Temp Finance Workers for Tax Time

Tax time comes the same day each year, but there are always a large portion of people who decide to wait until the last minute to meet with their accountant to file their tax returns. When this is the case, your full-time workers will find themselves overrun with paperwork that needs to be filled out prior to filing with the IRS.

When you bring in temporary finance workers for tax season, you are lightening the load of your full-time staff, which will help to prevent costly mistakes. These mistakes can lead to issues with clients if they are not caught prior to filing with the IRS.

If you are not running an accounting firm, but a financial advising firm, tax season is still a busy season for your company. The reason for this is that all of your clients need to have the reports generated for their financial accounts. These reports then need to be sent to clients prior to tax deadline day so they can hand them over to their accountant.

If this is the case for your company, you will need to hire temporary finance workers to help with the heavy load of preparing year-end reports that can be used for tax purposes.

Disadvantages of Hiring Temporary Finance Workers

There are some disadvantages of hiring temporary finance workers. One of those disadvantages is that the temporary worker will not know your firm like your full-time staff members know it. Despite this, they can still be a major help during your busy season.

Another possible disadvantage is that the finance worker will not provide high-quality work because they are only there for a short period. This is very untrue because the worker knows what is riding on their performance. They might even be able to turn the temporary position into full-time work.

The bottom line here is that it is in your best interest to hire temporary finance workers during your company’s busy season because the pros far outweigh the negatives.

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