Why You Need a Mentor to Get Ahead in Engineering

One of the best ways to get ahead as a professional today is by enlisting the help of a mentor. This thought definitely holds true for employees of the engineering industry. Working with a mentor has become popular because it enables you to receive guidance in a job search, in completing projects at work and with issues you face each day on the job.

Meet with Human Resources First

If you decide it is time to work with a mentor, check with your human resources department first. The department might have a list of employees who have expressed their interest in working as a mentor with others in the office. Your company might also have a formal program in place, which will help pair you with a mentor who fits your personality.

Mentors Help you Avoid Mistakes

A mentor will help you avoid mistakes that might not be obvious to you. You might be making mistakes right now that will affect your engineering career in the future. Even though you cannot see those mistakes, they could still be present, and a mentor will be able to point them out and rectify them for your future work.

Mentors Create Relationships

Mentors will also help you create relationships at work. When it is time to apply for a new job, a mentor will be able to put in a good word for you with management. Along the same lines, a mentor can help you realize strengths that you did not know you had.

An Improved Analysis of Self

When you work with a mentor, you will develop an improved self-analysis skill. Some people find it very easy to pinpoint the weaknesses of others and help those people improve. Despite this, you might have trouble doing the same for yourself. A mentor will be able to point out your shortcomings and help you improve them so your career takes flight.

A Safe Zone

For those who work with mentors in engineering, they find themselves in a safe zone. You can discuss almost anything with a mentor and not have to worry about retaliation or negative impact at the office. If you are having trouble with a co-worker or a boss, a mentor might be able to provide you with a solution.

An Increase in Knowledge

The most basic benefit of working with a mentor in engineering is that they will help you gain knowledge in areas you were lacking. This means that you will have someone to bounce ideas off of, ask questions of and even learn new things from in the engineering field. As an employee, you should always be learning, and a mentor is an invaluable resource to further your education.

As you enter the engineering industry, consider pairing with a mentor immediately to help advance your career. This is a relationship that can last the length of your career and beyond. For more information on how to find a mentor or implement a mentoring practice within your organization, contact the experts at Venteon today.

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