How to handle this tough question: “What interests you about our company?”

Going on job interviews is never easy, particularly when trying to land a finance job. No matter how many you attend, it’s easy to become nervous because you want to make a strong first impression. Even if you have interviewed with the same company more than once, the process  can seem daunting. As with every instance, you will surely run into a question or two that is very tough to handle.

One such interview question that we will answer in this article is “What interests you about our company?

Preparation is a Key Factor

Preparation should be the same across the board when it comes to job interviews and performing your duties at a job. The more you prepare for the task at hand and research the company interviewing you, the more likely it is that you will not have any trouble answering such a tough question. The same can be said for sitting down to work the job once you have accepted the company’s offer of employment. Preparation needs to be a strong focus prior to your job interview in order to find success.

Answer the Question Truthfully

For the most part, interviewers will be able to determine whether or not you are fleecing them or telling them the truth. Interviewers have plenty of experience dealing with all types of people, so they know how to read body language and analyze answers.

You must answer this question truthfully. Do not come up with what you think they want to hear. This will get you nowhere. The more honesty you provide, the more likely it is that the interviewer will be pleased with your response.

If this is financial assignment or role you have never worked before, you can tell the interviewer that you are looking forward to a new challenge that will provide you with an outlet to learn and grow within the industry. If you have worked this position at previous companies, you can tell the interviewer that this organization provides you more of a path to furthering your career than where you are right now. Explain that you want to grow as the company grows, and this is something that can be accomplished at the company for which you are interviewing.

Another way to go with the answer to this question is to discuss your skills as a financial and accounting professional. Explain that your skills weren’t really needed at previous jobs, but that you see this position as an excellent way to utilize and improve your skills.

For some, the job could fall right into a category of interest, which makes this question incredibly easy to answer. Tell the interviewer that you have always been interested in the industry, specifically this position, and that you have dreamed about working in such a job for quite some time.

There is no set way to answer this question because every job is different and every candidate has different skills sets to sell to employers. But, the more honest and upfront you are with the interviewer, you more successful you will be in your search for a job.

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