Why Hiring for Cultural Fit Matters in Finance Recruitment

When you think about it; hiring employees has turned into a bit of a science these days. From assessments and interview evaluations to social network profiles, there is so much out there to look at, analyze and discuss prior to extending an offer of employment. But, essentially the way that any company decides on a new hire is basically the same — you must perform due diligence prior to making a decision after a round of job interviews.

One of the most important things that must be taken into consideration before a job offer is made is the cultural fit of the candidate. Will he or she blend well with current employees? Will he or she exhibit the same practices, values, and work ethics that the company exudes? All of this needs to be looked at, especially when hiring in the finance industry.

Read on to learn why hiring for cultural fit matters when reviewing financial candidates.

What to Look For in a Financial Candidate

Every candidate you interview for a finance position should exhibit one or more of the following qualities when you take into account their cultural fit:

  • Have they made good career choices?
  • Why did the candidate leave a company for another job?
  • Do they have intellectual curiosity?
  • Do they exhibit passion and energy?
  • Do they have a pattern of success in the career?

You can find answers to these questions by having the candidate answer some tough questions during the interview. A couple of those questions should include:

  • What are a couple of things you would change at your current place of employment if you were the company CEO?
  • What would you say is the proudest moment of your career so far?

When you think about all of this, the most important aspect of hiring in finance is cultural fit. The reason here is that one bad seed can turn your office into a place where no one wants to be for extended periods. It does not matter how experienced or skilled the employee is, if he or she is a bad apple, the culture of the office will change dramatically.

Use Role-Play During Interviews

An excellent way to determine if a candidate in the finance industry will be a strong fit for your company’s culture is to role-play during the interview process. This does not have to happen in the first session, but more towards the second or third meeting.

The role-play can be a scenario that has occurred within your workforce recently or something you think of ahead of time. Have the candidate discuss one of these scenarios:

  • How to save a client from leaving the company
  • How to recover from losing a client at the company

You can then gauge their cultural fit by analyzing how the candidate handles this role-play scenario. Look for the candidate’s ability to handle a difficult situation, how they value the client, and if they are able to think on their feet since this has put them on the spot. Looking for great finance employes in Troy MI and surrounding regions? Why not get in touch with the expert finance recruitment team at Venteon today!

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