What Makes a Great Finance Manager?

Becoming a finance manager in today’s competitive industry can be very difficult, but it can be done if you go about it the right way. There are a variety of aspects that go into being a great finance manager and not all of them involve the track record or work history of the person who has been promoted. If you can find the right balance of being a leader and being a manager, then you will be known as a great finance manager at your place of employment.

Never ‘Know it All’

One of the first things you to do is never have a ‘know it all’ attitude when working as a manager in the finance industry. The manager with a ‘know it all’ attitude will not have the respect of his or her employees. When this happens, the department will suffer and the work will not be completed on-time or with high quality. A great finance manager will listen and use input offered by employees, they value opinions of others and will consider alternatives offered by employees.

Always Work as a Team

A great finance manager will work as a member of a team all the time, not just once in a while. A manager will never use the word ‘I’ or work singularly. He or she will also find it easy to thank their employees and praise them when the job is done correctly. The manager will never take praise for something their employee did. Instead, they will complement the entire team and make it known that the department succeeded as a whole.

Everyone is Treated as an Adult

We have all had that one manager during our career that treated us like a child. A great finance manager will not treat his or her employees like children. Instead, they will be treated and respected like an adult. They know how to delegate, give other people responsibility and then hold them accountable for their actions. When this is done, the respect level of the employees for the manager is very high.

Involvement is Key

If you want to be a great finance manager, make sure you are involved in the projects occurring within your department. Roll up your sleeves, tackle the big issues, and work hand-in-hand with your employees. Do not sit behind a closed office door and wait for your employees to tell you the project is complete. Offer a helping hand as much as possible so employees can put their trust in you.

Be a Problem Solver

Some of the best finance managers today are problem solvers. They are able to help employees break barriers, achieve success and solve any problems that arise within the department. When a finance manager is able to solve problems, with the help of their employees, the department will be very cohesive.

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