10 Questions All Employers Ask in Interviews – Job Seeker Success

Let’s face it; preparing for a job interview takes a lot of time and research. It’s almost like a job in and of itself.  Why not make the most of this activity? There is one way you can set yourself apart from the rest of the crowd–to fast track your way to success. Prepare for an interview by studying the 10 questions all employers will usually ask no matter the position that needs to be filled, below:

#1 What are your thoughts about your previous supervisor?

This can be a very scary question to be asked during a job interview, but it is a common one. The interviewer wants to know how you respect your supervisors and what type of attitude you will bring to their organization. Under no circumstances should you ever badmouth your previous supervisor or employer, no matter what happened while employed there.

#2 How come you want to work for us and not our competitor?

If you come across this question during a job interview, make sure you have an excellent answer lined up because it can secure a job offer. This is where a little bit of research comes in handy prior to the interview. Look up the company, what it does, what its workforce consists of and what its revenue looked like last year.

#3 How do you deal with criticism?

Criticism is a major part of the workplace, whether it is constructive or negative, which is why employers will ask you this question in almost every job interview. If you do not handle criticism well, do not make it known. Instead, take the time to mention that it is a weakness of yours, but you are working on fixing that regularly.

#4 Are you self-motivated or do you need other to stimulate you?

Depending on the company at which you are interviewing, it might not matter how you answer this question. Some companies love self-starters while others would rather have their managers motivate their employees.

#5 What rewards do you want in your career?

An employer wants to know where you are going in your career, but they also want to know what you expect as a reward for your hard work and dedication. There is nothing wrong with answering this question honestly, just make sure you do not come across as someone who is solely focused on the rewards in life.

#6 How did you increase your value to your previous/current employer?

This is a very important question that interviewers love to ask. The answer to this question helps the interviewer know what type of worker you will be and what value you will bring to their organization.

#7 How will you succeed in this job since it is new to you?

If you find yourself interviewing for a job that you have never worked before, be sure to have a strong answer prepared for such a question. It will be the dealbreaker with the interviewer. You need to have a plan for success created for any job you interview for these days.

#8 How long will it take for you to make a contribution to this company?

This can be a scary question to face, but it is a common one. Companies want to know they are hiring an employee who will make an immediate impact, no matter the difficulty of the job. Have a 30-60 day plan of action and speak about this in the interview – focusing on solving problems.

#9 How are your references going to describe you?

This is the perfect time to talk yourself up, especially if you know that your references will provide glowing recommendations to the interviewer. You can also call your references up and prep them in advance if you like.

#10 What is one thing you want to avoid in this job?

This can be anything from a lack of being challenged to difficult co-workers to struggling to meet your goals. Answer this by thinking of your strengths and identifying what you do to overcome boredom, overwhelm, and other factors at work.

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