What to Include in Your Technical LinkedIn Profile

Establishing a solid LinkedIn profile is very important in today’s ever-connected world, especially when you are searching for a job as a technical employee. LinkedIn helps companies and employees interact with each other for open jobs and career events in convenient way. All a job seeker needs to do is send a connection invite to a company and they could be privy to new job openings and other news from the companies.

Here are some suggested ways you can boost your technical LinkedIn profile:

Work History

LinkedIn makes it very easy for a technical worker to add their work history to a profile. All you need to do is upload your resume and the site’s software will take it from there. You can manually add your work history if you want, allowing you to change some words and employment dates. Make sure you include keywords that job seekers or companies will search for or use when posting open jobs online.


Another important aspect of a technical employee’s LinkedIn profile is recommendations from others within the industry. These can come from former employers, current employers, former and current co-workers, mentors, college professors and other industry professionals. Recommendations should be written and not just the endorsements LinkedIn allows. Recommendations need to be well-written, discuss an achievement the candidate reached, or what he or she provided as a technical worker.

Educational History

Technical workers should also include their educational and training history on their LinkedIn profile. You can skip the high school education and go right to college, technical and graduate school. List all of the schools attended, graduation dates, degrees earned and any awards earned while in school.

Special Skills or Training

Technical workers might have to take extra training courses while in school or while working at certain companies. If this is the case, then the technical worker should list these skills and training on their LinkedIn profile. If you have any special certifications, such as in language or Microsoft, be sure this is featured on your LinkedIn profile.

Volunteer Experience

If you have any volunteer experience, no matter what it involves, it should be published in your LinkedIn profile. Many companies will consider job candidates who have some sort of volunteer experience more than those who do not for open jobs. Hiring managers view volunteer experience just as valuable as paid work experience in today’s world.

As a technical worker, be sure you highlight all of your technical skills, training and work experience in your LinkedIn profile. This will help you get noticed by various employers, who may or may not be hiring for technical jobs in Troy MI. Use your profile to keep in touch with technical employers so you can receive notifications about new jobs or vacant jobs as soon as they are posted to the web.

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