Top 10 Answers to Interview Questions from Recruiters in Troy

Preparing for a job interview in Troy, Michigan can be an exciting and nervous time, especially for someone who has been out of work for a while. The best way to prep for a job interview is to think about the potential questions you will be asked by a recruiter and then figure out how you will answer these questions. Here are a few to help you get started!

10 Interview Questions for Troy MI Job Seekers

Question: Tell us about yourself.


We understand that this is a statement and not a question, but it appears in almost every single job interview in Troy. The reason for this portion of the interview is for the recruiter to see how well you think on your feet with an open-ended assignment. Highlight your strongest points and achievements. If you get stuck, think about how your best friend would describe you to someone meeting you for the first time.

Question:  Why do you want to work for this company?


Be as honest as possible with this answer. You can show-off your research skills and knowledge of the company with this answer. If you do not know anything about the company, you will find that the interview will be over quickly.

Question:  What are your qualifications for this job?


Be able to point out the key jobs on your resume that put you in line with this position and talk about your greatest successes from those jobs.

Question: Why are you leaving your current job?


Avoid saying anything negative about your current job at all costs. When you begin criticizing your current employer, the recruiter will find it difficult to imagine you working for their company. Make sure you refrain from discussing money as a motivating factor to leave your current job.

Question: What type of compensation do you require?


This can be a very tricky question to answer. Tell the recruiter your current salary and bonuses as a guideline for what you would need to take the new job.

Question: What is your plan for the next five years?


Make sure you do not tell the recruiter or hiring manager that you want to be in their chair in five years. This will not go over well with most people. Instead, talk about having increased responsibilities at the company.

Question: What weaknesses do you have?


Some of the best weaknesses are viewed as strengths. For example, tell the recruiter that you dislike when you are not challenged at work. This will make a big impression on them. Limit this answer as much as possible.

Question: What strengths do you have?


When you begin listing your strengths, make sure you have examples to back each one up for the recruiter. Your skills and talents need to be quantifiable, not pulled out of thin air. Demonstrate them from your achievments in your career history.

Question:What is the most difficult problem you have dealt with?


Keep your answer focused strictly on the professional side and do not throw in a personal answer. Make sure your situation involves a time when you solved a problem.

Question: What is a typical day like at your current job?


Make sure you do not exaggerate what you do right now with your current job, but you also want the recruiter to know how important you are in the position you hold.

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