Michigan Workers Comp Facts

Workers in the state of Michigan should know what it takes to prevent injury while on the job, no matter what line of work they perform. In this post we will discuss how employees can prevent injury while on the job in Michigan. We will also discuss what employees must do if they are hurt on the job so that they can qualify for workers’ compensation benefits.

Do Not Take Shortcuts

While at work, it is best to avoid shortcuts at all costs. We understand that it is important to finish the job as quickly as possible, but you should never take a shortcut to get the project done on-time. When you take shortcuts, you put yourself at risk for accidents that can injure you or your co-workers. Also, be sure to check the instructions prior to beginning the project so you can have anything that is confusing clarified. This is the best way to avoid an accident.

Be Safe While Traveling

According to OSHA, travel accidents cost companies some $60 billion per year due to accidents. It is important that all of your company’s vehicles are inspected each month and any needed repairs are made immediately so the vehicles are safe to drive. Prior to operating a company vehicle, be sure to check the gas level, tire pressure, headlights, break lights and turn signals. If any of these are broken, or not at proper levels, be sure to fix the problem prior to heading out on the road.

Prepare for the Weather

As an employee, you must always prepare for the weather depending on where you work. If you work outdoors, be sure you have the proper clothing based on the time of year and the forecast each day you are on the job. Employers should also be mindful of the weather conditions too. If employees are working in a large facility that is difficult to heat or cool, be sure to have space heaters present and windows open and fans running during the warmer months of the year.

Keep a Clean Workspace

Injuries can be avoided at work in Michigan when workspaces are kept clean and organized. Papers littering desks and floors can lead to slip-and-fall accidents. When a workspace is not kept clean, spills will become the norm, leading to major health and injury issues.

Employee Responsibility for Workplace Injury

If you suffer an injury while on the job in Michigan, be sure to follow the steps outlined below for reporting the injury for workers compensation.

#1 You must first seek medical care following a workplace accident and then identify all the witnesses of the accident and take down their information. The accident should also be reported to your immediate supervisor. Provide a thorough report to your supervisor and workers compensation doctor of everything that hurts on your body due to the accident.

#2 An accident report must be filled out and you need to acquire a copy. Obtain the information of your employer’s workers compensation insurance. If you cannot work after three days, ask your employer to begin workers compensation benefits on the fourth day.

#3 After these steps, you will want to continue any medical care or restricted work as indicated by the approved physician. Provide your employer with all updates on your progress and when you are recovered enough to come back to work at full capacity.

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