2014 Accountant Salaries in Troy MI

Working as an accountant can be a very rewarding career, especially if you have been doing it for quite a few years. The longer you work as an accountant, the more money you will be able to make from your salary and from client invoices. The same can be said for all other types of careers. For those wanting to work in Troy, Michigan as an accountant, we have the salary information for 2014 in this post.

Range of Accounting Salaries in Michigan

The range of salaries for accountants in Troy, MI varies greatly from top to bottom. The lowest salary for 2014 comes in at $38,077 while the highest salary comes in at $56,358. The salary ranges are for multiple accountant positions, including senior accountants, senior public accountant and consolidations senior accountant. Troy, MI is a very nice place to live and work, especially for accountants, who appear to make a strong salary each year. The average salary for all accountant positions in Troy for 2014 comes out to $46,569. (Source

Salary and Invoices

Accountants make their money not only from salary payments, but also from invoices sent to clients. Accountants can bill their clients for meetings in the office, on location and for doing tax filings for their clients. Many accountants will bill anywhere from $250-$350 for tax filing services, with a portion of that money going to the accounting firm with which they work. The rest of the invoice will be for the accountant who performed the duties for the client. The more clients the accountants bring in, the higher their salaries can be in Troy.

Private Firms

Private accounting firms are very popular in Troy, MI. They employ anywhere from 2-10 accountants per firm and handle a range of client issues. The salaries of these accountants depend on the amount of clients and the profitability of the firm. Many private firms will pay their accountants a higher salary than public firms because their accountants will know their clients more personally and this can increase business.

Large Firms

Large, public accounting firms can handle a variety of services for their clients. They might not provide as intimate an experience or relationship with their clients, but they still get the job done. The salaries of accountants at these firms in Troy, MI can be very competitive. The public firms are responsible for some of the larger accountant salaries in the Troy region because they have the funds and finances available to pay those salaries.

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