4 LinkedIn Groups to Source for Accountants in Michigan

Looking for someone to bring on staff for an accountant position in Michigan? Then you already know that it could be tougher than ever to find the best candidate for the job. Accountants, particularly those that are CPAs and have several years of experience are getting hard to come by in Michigan and other industrialized states. The time is now to beef up your recruitment efforts before someone else nabs your star accountant. One way to do this is by getting connected with the top LinkedIn groups for accounting pros.

Career Outlook for Accountants in Michigan

According to the US Department of Labor, accountants and other related financial professional jobs are “is projected to grow 12 percent from 2012 to 2022”. Average earnings are $81,080 as of most recent figures, with the lowest being $44,330 and the highest $143,070 annually. puts the average salary for accountants in Michigan at $46,569 per year. Companies that want to hire the best need to offer above average compensation and incentives.

Linked Groups for Accounting Recruitment

Using LinkedIn groups is one way to attract great accounting candidates. There are a few groups that your company should become familiar with in order to accomplish this goal.

The International Accounting Group

Made up of an international association of accounting professionals, the TIAG is a great place for any company to find professional accountants who are either independents or looking for career opportunities. In fact, they have a wide range of independent accountant groups and agencies who can offer many skill sets to growing companies in Michigan.

Venteon Finance

For companies on the prowl for great accounting staff, from entry level to advanced CPAs, the Venteon Accounting LinkedIn group is a must join. Each week, finance and accounting recruiters are on hand to talk about the news and updates in Michigan and Ohio. Looking for an accountant can be as simple as sending us a message on the LinkedIn message system, or by picking up the phone.

Michigan Accounting and Finance Professionals Network

Many accountants and other finance professionals in Michigan are part of this growing LinkedIn group. Currently, there are some 2,124 members, all seeking ways to connect with each other using this social outlet. Feel free to join and learn more about Venteon’s recruiters who are active here, as well as posting new jobs to attract the best candidates.

Michigan Association of Certified Public Accountants

Michigan is home to many certified public accountants CPAs who are looking for career growth and upward mobility. The MACPA has a LinkedIn group that you are encouraged to participate in. Accountants, companies, and recruiters are equally represented in news and articles that are openly shared here.

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