Why Your Company is Losing Talented Engineers in Troy

Around the Troy, Michigan area as well as other industrial cities, the demand for skilled technical engineers is exploding. Candidates coming from the STEM career paths (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) are in high demand as more companies fight to keep up with these expanding markets. According to a recent article in the Houston Chronicle, there is a perception among leading companies that there is a shortage of these skills among candidates.

What’s causing shortages in STEM candidates?

The shortage of talented engineers is caused by two factors in the US labor market. First, college and university programs have failed to keep up with these skill areas in the last two generations of workers – meaning fewer college grads showed an interest in working in STEM careers. Second, the rapidly aging Baby Boomers are leaving the workforce in increasingly rapid numbers, leaving wide gaps in the engineering field. Professional engineering skills are lost and hard to replace by new college grads entering the workforce presently.

The need for engineers in Troy MI

Engineers are particularly hard to come by in the emerging energy and technology fields, which are expected to snatch up talent at breakneck speed. Likewise, the biomedical and aerospace industries are gaining a presense here. In the Troy MI area, there is a particularly huge need for engineers who work in these areas of industry, as well as industrial engineers who work in manufacturing and transportation fields. In a nutshell, your company may be losing its greatest talent because there are attractive opportunities in other regions of the USA where the economy has rebounded and the housing market is gaining momentum.

What can you do to find skilled engineers in Troy MI?

The good news is that engineers are available and looking for work in the Troy MI area and other regions of the state. Staffing agencies that focus on placing professional engineers into temporary contract and temp to perm jobs are available to source the best candidates. By working with an engineering and technical staffing agency in MI, like Venteon, it’s possible to attract these candidates to your doors. Use above average compensation packages, progressive education and career development programs, and a positive work culture to bring in more quality engineers.

Also, make sure when you find a talented engineer, make sure to provide timely feedback. It is a candidate driven market and many employers are losing out on talented candidates. A talented candidate most likely has offers from various firms. Be sure to interview swiftly and communicate throughout your hiring process.

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