What Troy MI Engineers Want in a Company Culture

Engineers working in Troy, MI want a variety of things when it comes to company culture. Culture at companies is very important for workers in all types of industries. There are a variety of different things that come into play when determining a company culture including salary, continued education programs, a work environment that supports collaboration, flexible and challenging projects and respect from colleagues.

In order to attract the best engineering candidates, and to retain your high performance engineers in MI, here are some of the factors that should be present in your company culture.

Above Average Engineering Salaries

Engineers work in of the most difficult jobs in the country — helping to construct buildings, roadways and other structures safely. They spend several years in school learning the ins and outs of their industry and therefore they want and deserve to be rewarded for their efforts. One way to do this, and create an excellent corporate culture at the same time, is to offer engineers at your company above average compensation. Salary that comes in above the average for an engineer’s position will certainly motivate them to do excellent work, which helps to improve the morale and culture at your company.

Opportunities for Continued Education

An excellent way to build strong corporate culture for an engineer company is to offer employees an opportunity for continued education.This can include a reimbursement program for continued education, in-house training, licensing opportunities and much more.

Thousands of companies across the country offer their employees some sort of tuition reimbursement. Whether it is 50 percent, 75 percent or 100 percent of the tuition, companies tend to pay for their employees to go back to school because it can benefit the company in the long run. Employees who further their education are more inclined to advance at their current company and work in management positions.

Collaboration is Important

Engineers do some of their best work when they have the opportunity to collaborate with other engineers. This can be with engineers at their own firm or even engineers employed as professors at universities and colleges. Collaboration helps engineers come up with new ideas, figure out problems, and finish projects inside of deadlines.

Challenging Projects

If your employees earned degrees in engineering, they surely did not take the easy route in school. Do not make them perform tedious or menial tasks at work either. They earned such a difficult degree for a reason; they want to be challenged. Have them work on challenging projects as often as possible so they know their worth within the company and get a feeling of necessity. The projects should also be flexible so the engineers can work on more than one at the same time.

Respect from Colleagues and Superiors

Above all else, engineers want to have the respect of their peers and their superiors. Performing engineering tasks is not easy. Engineers should be recognized for their work and treated as key members of the company at all times.

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