Mechanical Engineer Job Salaries in Michigan. What to Offer

The demand for Mechanical Engineers in Michigan and other regions in the USA is on the rise. Mechanical Engineers are responsible for the design and development of mechanical related parts and processes. They may work in entry level jobs, improving mechanical designs and overseeing mechanical operations and maintenance. Or they may be working at higher levels, in management and designing entire systems for efficiency. This all requires very specialized skills and training, therefore the more seasoned a candidate is, the higher their salary should be expected to be.

Recent Salary Data on Mechanical Engineering Jobs

According to current earnings data gathered from Glassdoor, Payscale, The US Department of Labor and Statistics, and Michigan Tech; the following are the average salaries for Mechanical Engineering jobs in Michigan’s largest recruitment areas, including Detroit. Forbes Magazine advises that Engineering is one of the best investments in a college degree, stating that, and “The median starting salary for applicants with a bachelor’s in this field is $53,400. “ Women, as well as men, are encouraged to explore this career path, which promises to be a positive one for many in Michigan.

A Good Investment in College Education

Mechanical Engineering degrees are among the Top 10 Best College Degree choices that pay students back, according to the Payscale 2013-2014 College Salary Report. Mechanical Engineers around the USA earn between $60,000 to $100,000 USD per year. Starting salaries nationally are $60,900, with mid-level jobs paying $99,700 annually.

Michigan Tech reports that Mechanical Engineers are earning $78,160 to $119.480 per year, according to the information they’d researched from the US Department of Labor and Statistics. The more specialized each Mechanical Engineer is, the more they should be offered in terms of compensation. Likewise, Glassdoor advises that a Mechanical Engineer in Detroit should be earning $60,774 for a mid-level assignment, starting at $58,000 for entry-level and topping out at $66,000 for those with 2 or more years on the job. Nationally, Mechanical Engineers are earning $64,000 per year for mid-level assignments, so Michigan is just about on the mark.

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