How to Manage Your Michigan Tech Team

Are you finding it nearly impossible to manage your Michigan technical team? Hiring and managing a technical team can be a challenge for a number of reasons. Technical staffers tend to have certain characteristics that can be difficult to manage at times, even in a company that has a large network of technical managers. These can include:

  • Technical staffers tend to think logically rather than emotionally means they do not connect well.
  • Tech staff who are introverted and find it hard to communicate with management.
  • Technical creativity levels are higher therefore they don’t reach out to management for support.
  • Problem solving and technical skills may be above the level of technical management.

These and other issues may be preventing you to effectively manage your technical team members. The first step to success is to embrace the uniqueness of your technical staff in order to better manage them. Learning to understand and relate to their experience in the workplace can help you to connect with your techies in a way that no other manager can do.

Learn how to manage your Michigan tech team with these helpful tips from Venteon.

#1 – Provide the right technical tools to get the job done.

One of the biggest gripes when it comes to technical management is that there is a breakdown in what technical options should be and are provided to team members. Having access to the right tools and resources can help you to win the favor of a technical team that’s highly productive as a result.

#2 – Give rewarding projects to challenge your technical staff.

Your technical staff will quickly get bored and develop bad work habits if their brains are not challenged enough. Make sure that your project planning includes several stimulating projects that will inspire your technical team to be their very best.

#3 – Offer opportunities for industry learning and skills enhancement.

A good many technical staffers enjoy being able to maintain their skills through ongoing educational and training benefits. Make sure, as a manager, to back up this initiative by offering education and training opportunities to your IT and technical team members.

#4 – Create an open and collaborative work environment focused on respect.

Every workplace is moving towards greater collaboration as we head into the next century. Therefore, it’s up to you to promote this in your work environments and within tech teams. Make sure you demonstrate respect and ask for it in return so that it becomes a part of the corporate culture.

#5 – Use multiple communication methods based on technical work styles.

Your technical team is made up of many people who use varied communication styles, from written to verbal. Use multiple delivery methods to ensure that everyone is on the same page with updates and policy changes.

#6 – Limit the office politics and drama around your technical team.

As any good manager would, try to keep any corporate politics and drama at bay. Your technical team will only get frustrated by these events and their work can suffer. Instead, leave this for management team discussion and out of the tech team work areas.

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