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Computer and software programming is a unique skill that not many can achieve without making a few mistakes along the way. But, make too many coding mistakes and you could find yourself facing the unemployment lines. Here are some of the most common programming mistakes you will want to avoid if you want to maintain status in the Information Technology market.

Not sticking with the basic programming fundamentals

You’ve worked hard to get to the point you are in your career, and it shows. You’ve learned to adapt and survive IT market peaks and valleys. But over those years, you are likely to have picked up a few bad programming habits too. Shortcuts can be fine in a pinch, but when it comes down to solid work as a programmer, you must stick to the fundamentals of coding and task management.

Avoiding social and collaborative aspects of your work, including mentoring

Programmers are often known for being quiet, shy, “nerd” types who spend way too much time staring at code all day. They are also hard workers who won’t quit until the job is done. This means you may be forgetting to spend time engaged with your peers in activities that do not involve technology. Or you may not be willing to collaborate with others who have a lot to teach you as well. Your social life and status on the team may be suffering, and you are not passing your knowledge on to others.

Accepting projects that are not challenging enough

Just as in any career, programming has its ups and downs. One of the major downs is becoming so complacent in work that you become bored to tears. Don’t let this happen to you. Instead, regularly accept new projects that push you to be challenged as a professional. This can only work in your favor because you can become a subject matter expert, while gaining valuable knowledge that you can leverage for better paying assignments and promotions.

Not continuing to learn as a programmer

Programming is something that will always require you to learn new products, processes, and code tricks. But, outside of your job, what learning initiatives have you pursued? Take advantage of any educational support your employer provides, and go after the certifications and degrees that will elevate your reputation as a programmer. You are only limited by your own action. Remember, knowledge is power in the IT market.

Staying underemployed or not accepting contract work

If you are in a lag between jobs, not working for enough pay, or just in need of a better job as a programmer – what are you waiting for? There are a number of contract part time and full time programing jobs available through an IT staffing agency like Venteon Technical. Working on contract allows you a lot of flexibility and may even help you land a better job as a programming manager in the near future.

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