5 Android Apps for Engineers

Smartphone and mobile device applications have become the backbone of the mobile industry in just a couple of years. They keep people connected to family, friends, work and colleagues. There are millions of mobile applications available for free or for a fee in thousands of categories. Android has become one of the top smartphone platforms and there are plenty of applications available for engineers. In this post we discuss the top five out there right now.

Heat Transfer Calculator

This application has become very popular within the engineering community because of its features. The Heat Transfer Calculator provides engineers with the ability to analyze heat transfer rates. This application has a convection and conduction calculator that analyzes and outputs the temperature.

Fluid Mechanics Converter

This application is a conversion calculator that translates different units of measure that are related to fluid mechanics. The application has the following features: flow rate converter for mass, a fluid converter, a flow rate converter for volume, a kinematic viscosity converter, a viscosity (dynamic) converter and a viscosity (oil and water) converter.


This application is a file viewer with 3-D capabilities for those who use CAD. The application can support STL, DXF, and JT, all of which are popular 3-D CAD formats. The app allows engineers to take all of their 3-D files with them and view them on an Android phone or Android tablet no matter where they are. Users can even edit their files inside the app if they so choose by using their finger.

Engineering Unit Converter

In this app, engineers are able to choose a category. The categories include electric charge, length, entropy, energy and many more. The users can change the category by using the swap button or by going into the yellow field and hitting sort units. All available units within the application appear in two spinning wheels.

Autodesk ForceEffect Motion

This is quite possibly one of the most interesting and exciting applications on Android for engineers. This application allows engineers to design and develop functioning movable systems on their mobile phones or tablets. The application will even perform all of the engineering and simulation calculations. This means that the engineers will be able to simulate all of the design options right on their mobile devices. This even includes everything from the concept phase to being able to see the design.

If you are an engineer, or an engineering student, it might be helpful for your career or for your education to download one or two of these applications onto your Android phone or tablet. They can help you study for tests, design objects, or even make calculations while performing work in a lab or out in the world.

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