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There’s good news on the horizon for thousands of Information Technology (IT) professionals who are seeking employment in 2014. In fact, experts believe that there will be an above average demand for IT candidates who have the right skills and experience.

TechServe Alliance, an industry association of Engineering and Information Technology staffing solutions and firms, reported in their December 2013 Employment Indices report that IT hiring has increased by 3,200 jobs in November (over the previous month), 3,100 in October, and 6,100 new IT jobs in just September 2013 alone. While this could begin to slow down somewhat, companies are focused on new product development and improvements in 2014 that could spur increased hiring in IT.

What are the top tech skills that employers want in candidates? Let’s take a look at what’s trending now.

Software and Web Development – Named as one of the Top Jobs of 2013 in Forbes, Software Developers are still at the top of the list of the most in demand IT candidates in the market. Software developers are skilled in application and software systems design and management. They often work in specialized fields and have industry certifications and dozens of projects under their belt to show their worth. Web developers take their work to the Internet and are focused on end user delivery. Look for high demand for Software Development skills in the health care and insurance markets for 2014.

Project and Product Management – Having the ability to organize and manage the number of resources needed to complete a technology project is highly desired by IT hiring companies. Therefore, experts in both project management and product knowledge are among the most wanted candidates. Get training in project management and pursue PMP certification if possible. Learn a product well enough to become an expert and show your stuff when applying for work in IT.

Quality Assurance and Testing – When it comes to perfecting the products and services offered, IT candidates who are skilled in quality assurance (QA) and product testing rank among some of the most in demand workers in the industry. From entry level assignments as QA testers to testing engineers who work on improving specific features of products, there are a number of skills one needs to be successful in this career path. Learning QA and testing procedures along with methods for debugging issues can be a boon to your career in IT.

Business Analysis, Market Research and Documentation – In any IT business, the ability to communicate well in both written and verbal formats is a skill worth pursuing. Software companies turn to candidates with strong business and sales analysis skills to research and document new developments. Combined with sales and market research skills, this can help propel you to success in IT.

While the above skills are not exclusive, these are among some of the top desired IT skills in the market today. Find temporary jobs in IT to help develop your skills and put you in the right place for career success in the exciting field of IT. If you are looking for technology jobs in Troy MI, contact us today.

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