3 Tips to Improve Yourself as an IT Project Manager

Working in the information technology field as a project manager can be a challenging role, particularly when technology is an ever-changing landscape. As a project manager in the IT space, you have to maintain a variety of hard and soft skills. You also have to stay abreast of industry trends and updates. Some examples of the skills you need to succeed in IT project management include:

  • Communication
  • Organization
  • Risk factoring
  • Planning
  • Problem-solving
  • Leadership
  • Accountability
  • Technical knowledge
  • Product updates
  • Trouble-shooting

The role of a project manager continues to evolve in many markets, but the fundamentals never change. By focusing on building up the foundation of your career as an IT project manager, you can greatly improve your career experience and be in line for advancement.

Read on to learn some ways you can improve yourself as an IT project manager, for a long and rewarding career.

Keep learning. Your role as an IT project manager is to be a subject matter expert in all areas of the products or projects you work with. Therefore, you must embrace the idea of being a lifelong learner. Seek out opportunities to learn new and complementary skills throughout your career. Maintain your certification continuing education credits. Take on new projects and even temporary IT projects and assignments where you can learn the practical aspects of any coursework you participate in.

Be passionate. As an industry leader, you need to inspire others to get involved and be successful too. Choose an area of IT project management that you are most passionate about, and take steps to educate others and share your expertise. Participate in industry associations and talk to others from the IT project management perspective. Blog about your ideas and areas where you think things can be improved. Encourage your teams to work hard, be accountable for their work, and raise the level of expectation.

Measure success. How can you gauge if you are improving your skills (or not) as IT project manager, if you don’t currently have a method to measure this success? Take the time to rate yourself for performance, knowledge, and project outcome. Ask for feedback from your current employer or clients. Work with a mentor to help you spot any areas that need improvement. Create a way to document each project from a personal and team performance standpoint, based on factors such as deadlines met, team cohesion, and new innovations.

Being an IT project manager isn’t easy, but being successful in this career can be. Take the time to develop a strategy to be on the top of your game at all times and seek out new learning opportunities to remain the best of the best. If you are looking for IT project management jobs in Michigan, contact Venteon today.

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