4 Blogs to Follow for Financial Industry Career News

The financial industry is constantly changing, much as other professional industries are. It is important to keep up with the most recent news if you plan to have a career in the financial or banking industry. That news may relate to finding a job in the industry, information about certain professions, like financial advisors, or how the stock market and investing is changing. Here are four blogs to keep your eye on

Investment News

Investment News has been around since 1998, offering a blog with a variety of financial-related news reports. It includes the most recent trends in the financial industry, tips for finding jobs in the industry, and offering investment or market information to keep up with current events. If you are looking to have a career in financing, this is a great blog to help get you started, as they include a wide range of topics. Investment News also includes other forms of media, like in-person conferences and webcasts.

Business Insider

Most people in the business world have heard of and read the wealth of information available at the Business Insider website. They have a section tailored to finance, which can help anyone that is on this career path. Their blog posts in the finance section vary and offer important news and events going on in the finance industry. This may be changes to recent stock, the top leaders in finance, or tips for recent college graduates.

Abnormal Returns

Abnormal Returns is a blog written by one individual, Tadas Viskanta. Tadas is the founder and editor of the blog, adding to it almost daily. He has over 2 decades of experience in the financial industry, including various markets and as a private investor. His look into finance from a personal and professional angle gives him a unique perspective that proves invaluable to job seekers are professionals in finance.

Snarketing 2.0

Individuals who are looking to specialize their financial career to banking should be reading Snarketing 2.0, written by Ron Shevlin. With more than 25 years as a marketing consultant, Ron Shevlin is another writer who gives his blog a personal spin. He also used plenty of humor to make the blog entertaining, but also providing a lot of knowledge and insight for job seekers who are looking to get into banking. It is important for people who want to be in this career field understand every facet of their industry.

While not all of these blogs are necessarily career-oriented, they are still essential for anyone wanting to work in the financial industry. They go in-depth and provide information about every aspect of financial services, whether you are a job seeker or have been working in the industry for a while.

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