3 Mobile Apps for Job Seekers

Mobile technology has made it convenient and easy to find a job today.   From applications that allow you to search for jobs by keyword to those that allow you to connect with recruiters, mobile apps are leading the way in the career market. It’s been estimated that nearly 80 percent of all job seekers regularly check mobile apps as part of their job search strategy, which proves that they are a popular and effective way to find a job.

However, with all those job seeker apps out there, how can you know what to choose for your own best job search? Don’t panic! Here is a quick list of what we think are the top 3 mobile apps for job seekers today.

#1 – LinkUp

There are many different mobile job apps that allow you to search for jobs on some of the popular career boards, but LinkUp allows you to search for jobs found on actual company sites.  Experts estimate that only about 20 percent of all jobs are ever advertised on the large job portals. This leaves a high number of jobs not published where many job seekers are hanging out. With LinkUp you can even search for jobs and save them for later, plus you can get text alerts when jobs in your category come up directly on your mobile phone.

#2 – Pocket Resume

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could carry a completely customizable resume in your pocket?  Now thanks to Pocket Resume, a wonderful new mobile app, you can do just this!  Create a customizable resume with information pulled from your LinkedIn profile and set it up in minutes.  The great thing about this mobile app is that you can customize your resume for each job type that you apply for and you can also share your new resume in many different formats, including the most popular cloud storage and sharing devices.

#3 – Real Time Jobs

Everyone knows that Twitter is a veritable powerhouse for finding jobs using hashtags and job search leads posted by recruiters.  However this can be a jungle for the inexperienced jobseeker.  Real time jobs takes advantage of keyword searches to find jobs posted on Twitter at any time with live updates.  Once a job has been found, job seekers can then “pitch” themselves sending a copy of their resume generated from their social media profiles.  Job seekers can get a jump on their competition by even posting a video introduction of themselves.  With some 1,000 jobs being posted per hour this can be a great way to find jobs before others do.

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