Make a Great Impression at Your Next Interview

You’ve got another interview coming up for a job you want, badly. The name of the game is to walk in there and make a great impression so that you’ll get called back in for a second interview and eventually a job offer. But, how do you do this without being obvious about it? In this article, you can learn what it takes to stand out and look your best in any interview, from the perspective of the hiring team.

  1. Dress like you work there already. When you are preparing for an interview, consider that there is a specific corporate culture that dictates the dress code. Gear your interview wardrobe to the company environment by dressing professionally, but not overdressed. Opt for a nice pair of dress pants or skirt and a blouse (for women) or button down shirt (with tie for men) if you are not sure. Avoid sneakers, open-toed shoes, tight fitting clothes and jeans.
  2. Arrive to the interview on time (but not too early). When you want to impress the hiring manager, a part of this is to show up on time and ready for the interview. As a rule, get there at least 15-minutes before the scheduled interview time. Getting there too early is awkward and inconvenient for the interviewer. Getting there late is an indicator that you may not be able to manage your time well.  Greet the receptionist warmly and sit with an open posture while you wait.
  3. Come prepared to demonstrate your worth. While you may bring a clean copy of your resume along to the interview, see what else you can bring that demonstrates your abilities. The interview is your time to shine, so having an example of your work can be a nice touch. For example, you could bring a finished document you have published, or a series of photos that show a task you completed.
  4. Communicate clearly and professionally. In the interview, so much of what can impress the hiring manager is how well you articulate and communicate. Use a clear speaking voice and plenty of eye contact. Avoid mumbling and being too wordy when explaining things. Smile and build rapport with the interviewer.
  5. Ask intelligent and relevant questions. You already know you will be asked some tough interview questions, but do you also have a few of your own? Interviewers like candidates who have done some research and ask questions about the company that are relevant to the assignment. If in doubt, direct your questions in a way that focus on your skills and value to the objectives of the company and any industry trends you are aware of.
  6. Express your appreciation for the interviewers’ time. At the end of the interview, make sure you thank the hiring manager for taking time to meet with you. Let them know you value their time. Then drop a handwritten thank you card in the mail on the way home from the interview so they are reminded of the professional you are a couple of days later.

When you embrace the above steps as part of your interview, you are sure to make a positive impression that will endure. Follow up as appropriate to the interview and again be sure to be professional and appreciative as you move forward. Treat everyone you meet with respect at the company because you never know how your behavior can impress someone there.

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