IT Behavior Interview Questions and How to Handle Them

As you begin interviewing for work in the Information Technology (IT) industry, you are likely to encounter certain interview questions that are behavioral based. Behavior interview questions are designed to dig deeper into your personality as an indicator of your ability to handle the assignment. They are easy to identify because they will start with phrases like “what would you do if…” or “tell me about a time when…”

As an IT professional, you may find it a little uncomfortable answering questions of this nature because you tend to focus on project work and analytical thinking. However, these tips will help you to effectively handle IT behavior interview questions so you can impress the interviewer and get the job.

Keep your answers simple and to the point.

The best way to handle a behavioral interview question is to keep your answers simple, clear, and to the point. Avoid going too deep as you explain everything because you may just “lose” the interviewer in the process. Use a step-by-step explanation method to discuss how you would approach a situation to show the interviewer how you solve problems and stay efficient.

Introduce the scenario first, then the solution.

As part of your answer to any behavioral interview question, you’ll want to create a visual of the scenario and how you solved the matters at hand. Start with a clear introduction of the scenario along with the issue that you faced. Then talk about how you used your skills to solve the issue.

Demonstrate how you were vital to the outcome.

Part of standing out as a candidate is to establish yourself as a person who has the right skills for the job. Therefore, you will want to point out how you were able to solve a problem through your unique skillset and abilities. Indicate the action(s) you took to come to a positive outcome.

Be creative and put yourself into the situation.

Sometimes, a behavioral interview question will ask you to consider a hypothetical situation in which you are asked to take the lead and correct things. This requires out-of-the-box thinking that can be challenging sometimes. Use your creative side and imagine yourself in the situation and how you would best deal with it.

Highlight strong communication skills.  

Above all else, when answering behavioral interview questions for an IT job, use your best communication skills to get your response across to the interviewer. Speak clearly and don’t overuse “big” words. Use comfortable eye contact and descriptive words. Smile and be personable, letting your confidence shine through. If you are looking for technical recruiters in Michigan, contact Venteon today.

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