8 Universal IT Job Search Tips For You

Every time you get online, you read something new about finding a job in Information Technology. While you may have tried a few new things to get noticed in the highly competitive IT market, it’s possible that it’s taking a little longer to get a job than you expected initially. It’s been said that finding a job must be approached like a job itself, with careful planning and a strategy for success.

Take heart – it takes time to get a good job in IT and there are universal factors at play. In this article, we will provide a look at the eight IT job search tips to keep in mind as you search for the perfect IT career.

  1. You must network to a job in IT – Just as in other professional careers, to get a job in IT you must get to know people who actually work in this field. A New York Times article indicated that a vast majority of employers rely on internal referrals from existing employees when recruiting (vs. advertising for jobs). Join networks of IT pros in your community, on social networks, and professional organizations to get your best shot at an IT job.
  2. You must customize your resume and cover letter – Recruiters have grown wise to the use of form cover letters and dull resumes. If you want to stand out as an IT candidate in demand then you need to actually read job descriptions and write a resume and cover letter customized for each job. Use the keywords in the job ad as a guide to getting past resume scanners too.
  3. Job hunting is a numbers game – It’s true that the more jobs you apply for, the more resumes you send out, and the number of recruiters you connect with; the better your chances of getting hired in and IT job. Use the numbers to your advantage and work at finding a job every day.
  4. You may not get a job you’re qualified for right away – It’s inevitable that as a job seeker in IT or any other field, you may not get the stellar offer you wanted from the start. But it’s ok. You will get your foot in the door with a great company that will see your value and you can move up the chain by working hard.
  5. Keep your IT skills and credentials fresh – To stand out from other candidates in IT, you need to be a lifelong learner. Take online classes and certification exams to maintain your skills and expertise. Software and IT concepts change so often that your skills will become outdated if you are not proactive about keeping up.
  6. It’s your job to sell yourself to employers – Leave the over-sized ego at the door. Instead, find your selling points and highlight them when meeting with potential employers. Use your resume, your cover letter, and interviews to sell your value in 30-seconds or less.
  7. Recruiters appreciate a thank you – Take the time to write a thank you card and actually mail it whenever you have an interview. This polished professionalism goes a long way with recruiters and hiring managers who may just remember you the next time they have a job opening.
  8. Take on alternative IT assignments – While you are waiting for the perfect IT job, why not get registered with a temporary staffing agency in your area and take on short term IT assignments? Or start taking on subcontractor work through a network of online sources. You’ll only impress recruiters more when they see you are taking action towards a stellar IT career.

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