2013 Financial Job Outlook – Finance and Accounting Career Trends

The financial career outlook for the second half of 2013 is expected to be a promising one, according to most recent reports from several financial staffing and research agencies. Finance jobs are growing at an above average rate of 23 percent of total job growth, according to the US Department of Labor Statistics – Occupational Outlook Handbook for 2013. In the coming years, there is predicted to be approximately 54,200 new finance and accounting jobs added to the labor market in America.

Salary and Job Trends in Accounting and Finance Jobs

For 2013, the trends in financial jobs continue to make it possible for more professionals to start or expand in their careers. For mid-level specialists with at least 2-5 years of experience and degrees in accounting and finance, jobs are plentiful if they have kept their skills up to date. Regulatory compliance and updates in tax and benefit laws are creating additional demand for finance specialists in many industries. The DOL reports median pay rate for those with at least a 4-year college degree and job experience in accounting and finance is around $74,000 USD annually, with many jobs offering flexible working conditions and good benefits.

Types of Jobs Available in Finance

In terms of jobs available in the technology sector of finance, a growing area for this industry, those who have the combined skills of finance and information technology management can expect great opportunities in high paying and visible roles. Large companies are rapidly hiring and promoting those who can handle demanding finance software development and integration projects, while maintaining accounting industry standards to meet the needs of clients.

Of special note, companies that design software and cloud based systems for benefit and payroll administration are among the leading sources of financial related jobs. Other jobs in the healthcare billing and insurance management are also increasing.

Getting a Job in Finance and Accounting

To obtain work in the financial field, one should focus on obtaining training through an accredited college or university, along with an internship with a financial services company. Many organizations that operate in the finance and accounting industry offer entry level assignments too. Accounting and finance staffing agencies support placement into part time and full time assignments to help launch your career in this exciting field.

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