Landing Your Next Engineering Job – Strategy

Engineering jobs can be highly rewarding for those who enjoy daily interaction with figures and projects. Candidates who are best suited for engineering jobs are those who are analytical thinkers and can visualize the final results.

Yet, for many gifted engineers, finding a good job can be a challenge as companies shift to outsourced work models and overseas project management. That is, unless you have a clear strategy for landing your next engineering job. Here are some tips.

Establish your engineering area of specialty.

Standing out as a leading engineer in your field means communicating your specialty. Just think for a moment how physicians demand higher rates and better assignments – they select an area of expertise and go after this. As an engineer, you too must establish yourself as a leading mind in an area of specialty that is valuable to potential employers.

Create an award winning portfolio online.

Recruiters who look for top engineering candidates often look to the Internet to research. Therefore, if you want to have any hope of landing a great engineering job in your industry you need a stellar online portfolio. Create an online resume that includes your top projects, information about any awards or recognition you’ve received, and a professional profile to attract the best hiring companies.

Contract with an engineering staffing agency

As part of any successful job search strategy, make a staffing agency relationship a priority. Staffing agencies, like Venteon, can get you into temporary and long term engineering assignments that may not be advertised otherwise. This can help propel you into more success as engineering pro, whatever your area of expertise.

Network with engineering career groups.

Getting a job in engineering is often a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Get connected with other professionals in engineering through social and professional networks. LinkedIn can be a good source for these career groups. Try to meet engineering recruiters who can help you reach your career goals sooner.

Connect with engineering associations.

As a professional engineer, you will want to remain abreast of industry updates and new ideas that can help you to stay on top of your game. Join the engineering associations that offer access to training and job placement support. Some may offer engineering job fairs or industry events where you can meet hiring companies too. Take advantage of this resource to establish yourself as a leader in engineering.

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