Quantify Your Resume Accomplishments – Stand Out as a Candidate

When crafting a resume, using numbers to demonstrate your achievements can really help. For example: “I helped increase sales by 10 percent in the first year.” or “I managed a $5 billion company and increased profits by 40 percent.” Those numbers sound good and, if you have them, you should use them. However, some people don’t feel as though they can really quantify their resume. How can you do that if you don’t have any hard and fast numbers to use? There are plenty of ways to do so.

What Do You Do?

A good way to see the differences you offer to the business is to look at what you do above and beyond what the company says you should do. For example, you thought your job was a 40-hour a week job. Yet, you often find yourself putting in a few extra hours each week to help out or to help meet new goals. That’s above the baseline.

You may have had a customer who simply needed you to be in their facility. The problem is that facility is 500 miles from home. You took the time out to fly out there, get the meeting under control, and impressed the client. This wasn’t in your job description, but you did it anyway to keep the customer happy.

The goal you have is to compare the way you perform on the job to the goals that the company has established. When you do this, you likely will see what you do better, more efficiently, or above the average for the company. This is a quantifiable result you can include in your resume to be the candidate that employers will love.

Other Ways to Do It

Look at the bigger picture, too. For example, you may be able to compare the company you are at right now to that of a competitor. You are on the team of the company producing bigger result so, it goes without saying — you should showcase that on your resume. You can also compare yourself to your co-workers. What makes you stand out from the other people working with you? You may sell more, produce better results, or simply lead more effectively.

If you are still looking for some new ways to really showcase you talent, consider these questions.

  • Do you have the ability to meet deadlines better than others?
  • Do you feel you are diverse enough to lead a team while also working independently?
  • Do you receive promotions in a shorter amount of time compared to others who have held the positions you have had?

You can use testimonials, hard facts, or any other method to showcase how you are different. In doing so, you will be able to show to the hiring manager at any job why you should be considered for a position. After all, you accomplished a great deal at your current position. And, you can show it with quantifiable results.

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