Companies to Start Building Customized App Stores for Security

Before now, app stores were reserved for big companies like Apple and Google who were providing apps for their mobile phones and devices. However, that is all going to change. Now smaller businesses are utilizing the ability to start their own app stores in an effort to provide apps for their employees. Aside from being more convenient, it lets small and large companies have more security for the apps they give employees, especially when they’re using Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) systems in the workplace.

According to a research study done by Gartner, over the next five years many more companies will provide company-specific app stores to their employees. These will be app stores with apps only for their employees, not to be sold to any outside parties.

Part of the reason this change is being implemented is because of how many employees are using their own devices at work. Whether because of a BYOD system approved by management, or simply to be able to use technology with their business operations, this is creating a safety and security issue for companies.

Companies who allow devices to be used by employees don’t have much say over what else they use the devices for. Additionally, apps they download onto their device could contain viruses or spyware, that therefore put the company’s confidential information in jeopardy. This fear of lack of security is where the new customized app store concept comes into play.

Businesses will start building their own portals where they have their own IT department develop and place apps in the app store. Employees must choose apps from the company-specific app store when loading something onto their device. They will be the safest and securest apps available to them, so their company’s data isn’t at risk of being stolen.

Another benefit is that IT won’t need to give individual permission to each employee who needs a new app for various business operations, using their own device. This is currently what companies are doing along with BYOD. It is very time consuming. If the employee needs to transfer employee data to their tablet, someone from IT has to first look through their tablet to make sure nothing is amiss. They then have to approve the app being installed.

The study predicts about 15 percent of companies will begin utilizing their own app store by 2017. Technology continues to change the way business is performed not just in the U.S., but all around the world. It isn’t going anywhere, so businesses are instead changing with technology and using it to their benefit. Soon, businesses will have a private app store, furthering the modernization of their business practices.

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