Top Mobile Apps for Aspiring Engineers

Individuals who dream about being an engineer, no matter what application or field they are interested in, understand the importance of technology. Their daily tasks will include using various technology for different types of math and science applications, so why not utilize apps on their smartphones and tablets?

The following mobile apps are currently the most popular and efficient for aspiring engineers, particularly for mechanical engineers.

AutoCAD Ws

The first app on the list is the AutoCAD WS app available for iOS devices, such as the iPhone. With this app, you are able to use your smartphone (or tablet) to access, view, revise and share your different drawings made with AutoCAD. The AutoCAD WS app will have dozens of features you can only access with this app in particular, and only if you are an avid AutoCAD user. If you are on the road and need to make a quit edit, you can do this with this mobile phone app.

Mechanical Engineer

Perhaps one of the most valuable apps for aspiring mechanical engineers, is the app appropriately named “Mechanial Engineer.” With this app, you have access to more than 300 different formulas for mechanical engineering purposes. The formulas include another 300 conversion formulas and 70 area formulas. Some of the areas include shafts springs, metalworking, kinetic energy, vehicle drive, plates, fluid power, internal combustion, heat transfer, power plants, refrigeration, clutches, breaks, belts, bearings, and more.

Mechanics Basics

Next is the Mechanics Basis app. This is another iPhone app that is soon to be available with Android smartphones as well. Mechanics Basics lets you choose from a library of reference materials, equations, tables and laws for engineers.  It provides a lot of valuable information for only $1.99.

Engineering Calculator

Some aspiring engineers might prefer the classic look of the Engineering Calculator app. It utilizes large buttons, a simple interface and colorful calculations for ease of use. As a basic requirement for all engineers, it is useful no matter what area of engineering you get involved with. With Engineering Calculator, you have no minimums and can make literally any calculation or mathematical function you need.

These apps are only the beginning of advanced technology for aspiring engineers. Because of your area of expertise, mobile and tablet applications are becoming the future of engineering. Many students and engineering professionals with years of experience are both turning to electronic functions and calculations.

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