Tips to Make Yourself More Visible in a Busy Workplace

The job market has been on a steady incline for the past several months, but with a rise in jobs, there is also a sharp increase in the number of applicants. In order to make yourself more visible in a busy workplace, there are some details and components to include on your resume and the way you represent yourself professionally. These details are helpful when posting resumes online, as well as sending them to job recruiters.

Make Your Resume Searchable

Many times, resumes are posted online, which recruiters search for when they are hiring for someone with your expertise. You must make it searchable in order for it to be visible in a busy workplace. To do this, become familiar with choosing keywords used in search engine optimization (SEO). These are keywords an employer would be using to find someone that fits their position. Include these keywords in your resume, but without making it look like you are keyword stuffing.

Use the Right Phrases

Believe it or not, the phrasing and words you use in your resume make a difference. There are a small collection of power words that make you stand out to recruiters and employers. Some of the ones you should consider using include: managed, advised, demonstrated, executed, motivated, performed, supervised, outstanding, positive, ability, productive, versatile and thoroughly.

Choose the Design and Layout Carefully

Minimal is always best with the design and lout of your resume. Choose no more than 3 font colors, and nothing too bright or fancy. You want it to be easy to read and not detract from the information. If you get too complicated, the information about your experience and qualification isn’t as memorable. If you aren’t sure of a good layout, look up a template and use it as a reference point for a professional and visible resume.

Be Sure it’s Error-free

This should go without saying, but double-check your work to remove any spelling or grammatical errors. There are multiple benefits to removing errors. It gives the recruiter the impression that you spent plenty of time on the resume, and didn’t just send it in a rush, for starters. It also shows your level of professionalism, and makes it more searchable. If you’re posting the resume online, spelling terms incorrectly keeps you from benefiting from SEO.

Utilize Social Networking

You should also be focusing on social networking, which many recruiters start with to find new employees. If you want to remain visible in a busy workplace, become active on social media networks, remaining professional and showing your various skill sets.

If you follow these tips, you are sure to be noticed and become more visible. It is difficult when you’re competing against others with similar qualifications and experience, but not impossible. This just means you need to work harder and pay closer attention to the details, in order to get noticed. IF you are looking to land your next job in Michigan, contact the staffing experts at Venteon today.

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