Boosting the US Engineering Pipeline

In order to provide a high quality of life for all humankind, the need for quality trained engineers is paramount. According to some reports, an increase from 400K to 500K has been seen on the number of enrollees in engineering courses over the last ten years. A great chance of a development in this progression is predicted in the coming academic years. Associations specially brought together for mechanical engineers see this inclination as a chance for further developing the channels through which engineers are much needed and improve the skills of the future ones to handle the real world.

How are improvements realized?

In regards to the K-12 curriculum on education, a concrete and stabilized collaboration with instructor and educators is prepared to take advantage on the important roles that teachers play for the learners. The following are some of the milestones conceived to be welcome improvements for pre-engineering education.

Supplying needed tools and teaching aids for institutions

Technological advancement is a tool for developing engineering concepts in a positive way. Reaching out to the minority groups and women in society is dealt with through the use of E-apps for high school learners and educators in the classroom. This is believed to give students a fresh perspective towards engineering, a factor which can lead to greater achievement later in life.

Interaction to educational institutions

Sustaining the visions of institutions such as universities and local colleges can be done through giving aid in any form to make contests and school events happen. Sponsorships and scholarships may be some of the many ways to show support for students taking up engineering.

Contribute to curriculum design

An initiative to supply contents and suggestions to current curriculum for engineering courses must be taken into account. This is one obligation of any community institution being part of a school/universities’ group of stakeholders. Proposing on added content may be considered, such as heightened focus on plan-construct tasks, additional field practice for professionalism and further adaptability on the course plan.

Educational norms for engineering are universally outlined and a demand for verification on a wide range of studies will inevitably tend to step up. Having said this, a goal to help members of societal groups for engineers is called for. This can be done by organizing and making easy proceedings of time allotted for formal training. What is probably best is to allow mechanical engineers to develop the impression of being a part of a society, which will guarantee prosperity.

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