Have a Smarter Job Search | Boost Your Career

It’s no secret that searching for work can be an incredibly frustrating experience for many, especially when there are above average numbers of unemployed professionals flooding the job market at present. However, this doesn’t mean that the job search has to be an entirely negative thing. In fact, this can be an experience that helps to launch a brand new YOU. How? By using a smart job search strategy!

Stand out with a brand – In today’s job search, how well you demonstrate your worth and skills to potential employers is everything. This means, you will want to focus on your career passions and experience to develop a brand that’s consistently making you look like an expert.

Use the power of networks – The people you know and associate with can be your best source of job leads, career support, and testimony about the professional you are. While you may feel like becoming a hermit during this time, make a sincere effort to get out there and connect with your networks. Join job support networks and those in your industry.

Develop your elevator pitch – Being asked, “What do you DO?” can be an uncomfortable situation if you are unemployed or not currently working in your target industry. Yet, the best way to get around this is to discover your strengths and use this to create a compelling 30-second pitch about yourself that will leave others wanting to know more about you.

Take advantage of free resources – In every community, there are bound to be many free job seeker resources just waiting for you to take advantage of them. From career support groups and job fairs to free training at the local library, you’ll have a much better time if you get out there and remain actively focused on landing a career.

Register with a staffing agency – One of the smartest moves you can take as a job seeker is to get registered with a leading staffing agency in your industry and get connected with temporary assignments. This keeps you active in the work community, and you may even get an offer to stay on full time with a great company.

Write a killer resume – No smart job search would be complete without a well-written resume and cover letter. Take the time to update yours so that it truly reflects your value to potential hiring managers who are looking for people just like you.

Remember, take care of yourself as a job seeker to be at your best. The rest will come as you get out there and become part of the community. For more information and help finding your next job, contact the staffing experts at Venteon today!

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