How to Approach a New Style of IT Hiring – Advice for IT Job Seekers

As an information technology professional on the prowl for a new assignment, you are probably keenly aware that a lot has changed since the last time you looked for a job. Just a few years ago, the only way to get a job in IT was to either graduate from a top level IT college or happened to complete a preferred certification program. But today, the world is an open door, with multiple IT jobs readily available to you – if you know how to approach your job search that is.

Here are some tips for landing an IT job in the modern job search environment.

Brush up your IT resume and cover letter, pronto.

There’s nothing more annoying to today’s recruiter than an outdated resume, especially when It recruiters are looking for candidates with current skill-sets and presentations. Before you start sending resumes out, work with a professional resume writer or consult with a colleague about updating your IT resume. Draft up a concise cover letter for each assignment and make sure you focus on how your skills relate to each job.

Create a branded IT presence online.

Today’s IT recruiters are taking the time to do further research on any potential candidates to screen them before the actual interview takes place. This means they will likely be scoping you out on social networks like LinkedIn and Facebook, as well as any professional groups you participate in online. Make sure you are presenting yourself in the best possible light.

Get networked with multiple IT groups.

Utilize social networks and industry associations as a place for career support as you search for hiring companies who can give you the edge. Sign up for automatic alerts of new IT opportunities. Share your ideas and expertise to create a persona of being an expert in your field.

Go casual and expect collaborative work environments.

The IT workspace has also evolved with the addition of more collaborative technology and work environments that encourage up and coming IT pros to focus on their work rather than fashion. Take a look at the corporate culture and then dress casual for your interviews. Learn how to use new technology to your advantage.

A good avenue for finding an IT job is to work directly with an IT staffing and recruitment firm that has relationships developed with the top hiring companies. Take the time to contract with Venteon Technical for access to IT jobs in the USA.


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